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Why use a psychologist?

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Psychometric Assessment

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How does psychology make a difference?

When we work with you, you employ professionals who work within a rigorous, scientific discipline.

All our psychologists are Chartered by the British Psychological Society or working towards Chartered status. Our Chartered Psychologists have

  • Masters degree in Occupational Psychology
  • A further 3 years of supervised and assessed work before they are chartered by the British Psychological Society – the ‘gold standard’ for psychologists in the UK
  • Annual, assessed continued professional development, keeping their skills and knowledge up to date
  • Commitment to a rigorous code of ethics
  • Investment in training for each psychometric test that they use

What does this mean to you?

  • You can trust us to design legally defensible assessments that are proven to be valid and reliable
  • Our leadership development activities will have a lasting effect because they’re based on a thorough knowledge of published research – not just the latest management best seller
  • We will evaluate, measure and quantify the impact of our work in your business, making it easier for you to establish a business case for it

Chromis are members of the British Psychological Society