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Psychometric Assessment

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Psychometric Training

Quintax- A versatile, innovation in personality profiling and type indication

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Psychometric Assessment in your organisation - Download our 'What you need to know' pdf

Quintax is a powerful and innovative personality questionnaire. Developed in the UK by Stuart Robertson & Associates Ltd, it was first published in 1998. With an excellent review from the British Psychological Society, it was one of the first questionnaires to acquire the Society's quality mark for a psychological test when this standard came into being. The Internet based Quintax on-line was one of the first psychometric tools to be launched on the web.

It provides a powerful analysis of individual behaviour for use in a wide variety of settings. It is short to complete - about ten minutes - which makes it easy to fit into an existing selection or development process. Users are well supported with a wide variety of reports and comprehensive user support materials. Candidates find the feedback supportive, making their assessment experience positive and affirming.

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Why use Quintax?

Quintax is used by HR professionals, managers, coaches, consultants, psychologists and career guidance counsellors. They use it for:

  • Selecting for key roles - managers will find they can easily identify the characteristics they look for in potential recruits
  • Graduate assessment centres - with little experience of work on their CV's, it can be hard to select graduates. Quintax provides valuable insights into behaviour resulting in a better fit with the organisation
  • Coaching individuals for behaviour change - people experience powerful insights into their actions and relationships, enabling change and growth
  • Career counselling and advice on career options - when discussing career choices, Quintax helps explore ‘best fit' between individuals and occupations
  • Team building and development - Quintax can reveal each other's strengths, unique contributions and provide a platform for team development

Training to use Quintax

We offer two routes to becoming a Quintax Authorised User.

  • Quintax Authorised User Training is aimed at those people with no prior qualifications in testing, who want to use Quintax for a variety of uses
  • The BPS Test User (Personality) qualification is aimed at those people who want to become a Quintax Authorised User and go on and obtain British Psychological Society Test User (Personality) certification.
  • Course Title

    Who is it for?

    How long does it take?

    What do I get?

    Quintax Authorised User Training

    Anyone who wants to become a Quintax user. You don't need any prior qualifications.

    2 days

    You become a Quintax Authorised User, able to buy and use Quintax

    BPS Test User (Personality)

    Delegates who already hold a BPS Level A or Test User (Ability) certificate who would like to qualify for the Test User (Personality) qualification

    3 days + distance learning (approximately 2 days)

    You become a Quintax Authorised User, able to buy and use Quintax, certification in the BPS Test User (Personality) qualification, access to other personality tools


To book on a course, please call or email for our booking form and terms & conditions

In-Company Courses

Many clients prefer in-company training. If you are able to provide or hire a venue, your staff can benefit from a course that can be more tailored to their specific needs and you can make savings on delegate accommodation and travel costs. The client is responsible for trainer accommodation, travel and other expenses. Talk to us if you prefer this option.